InterFit has a variety of activities to participate in! We invite people of all ages and any disabilities, whether physical or mental, to join.


North Shore Adapted Hiking (NSAH) aims to change your perception of what ‘wheelchair accessible’ means.

Have you dreamed about getting off the beaten path, but weren’t sure how to do it? InterFit’s North Shore Adapted Hiking program can help you get there!

With the help of energetic volunteers NSAH uses TrailRiders and Off-road Chairs (ORCs) to help you access the unaccessible and give you the confidence to push your boundaries just a little farther. The ORC and TrailRider make it easy for people of any age and ability to enjoy the outdoors and succeed in getting off the pavement.



Want to go a little further than a day hike? Maybe head off with a few friends to a lake, enjoy a couple of days fishing and spend the evenings around a campfire? InterFit can help!

We have the team, equipment and knowledge you need! From finding a suitable destination to ensuring you have personal support and arranging it all, InterFit has you covered. We will provide you with the shelter for anywhere from an overnighter at a local campsite to a week at a destination of your choice.

To plan and book your adventure and for further information contact us at Costs are determined by the destination, related fees, duration of trip and number of participants.

Snow Trekking

This program was developed in the winter of 2010/2011 when volunteers and riders came together to create a hiking program for the off-season in the snow! To make this program possible we modified the Off-road Chair (ORC) and replaced its wheels with skis. Armed with harnesses and snowshoes, sherpas are able to share the frosty trails with our riders. It’s a beautifully scenic tour of the mountain and a fantastic view at the top!



As the demand increases, so do opportunities. Currently, InterFit does not have an independent adapted kayaking program, but partners with other organizations that do. If you are looking for a chance to paddle please see our schedule for a list of these partnerships or contact the following organizations directly.

Power to Be Adventure Therapy:
Vancouver:  604-971-5052
Victoria:  1-250-385-2363
Vancouver Park Board – Access Services
Adapted Kayak Camp


Most mountains now offer some sort of adapted skiing opportunity. Vancouver’s three North Shore hills offer excellent programs for the disabled. With a variety of terrain, equipment and volunteers there’s no reason not to give adapted skiing a try! The following organizations can be contacted for more information:


Facilities within the North Vancouver Recreation Commission (NVRC) and the District of West Vancouver’s Community Services (WVCS) offer accessible weight rooms, equipment and programs. West Vancouver’s pool facility provides pool chairs and a specialized wheelchair lift for disabled users.

For facilities and program information:


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